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How TAG Began: Our History

After recognizing the underrepresented market of programming for teenagers at Lebanon Public Library, Ms. Racheal Schlein gathered a group of dedicated students in the fall of 2018. Starting from a handful of students to steadily growing with each year, TAG has become a rag-tag group of teen advocates from different walks of life.

What TAG Means to Me...

Racheal Schlein
Juvenile Services Coordinator of

Lebanon Public Library;
TAG Advisor

"If you ever feel like you don't know where you belong, you belong at Lebanon Library. Every individual's skills and personality are accepted and valued. All of our staff comes from a unique background and brings a different skill set to the team, which makes everything we do at the Library possible. I hope every person in TAG feels this sense of belonging, and that we are able to work together as a group to make sure that every other teen who comes into this Library feels that, too."

- Racheal Schlein 


Teen Advisory Group is committed to advocating for what teens in the community would like to see in the library. We will be your reflections with originality and sincerity.




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